Frankfurt/M. (OK) Armin sees all red. Now the Prime Minister of the West German State of North Rhine Westfalia presented his new Corona strategy called Bridge Lockdown over troubled water, but nobody knows what it is all about. Helpless journalists have surrendered unconditionally. Laschet’s consultants wonder, what he has been vaccinated with. Red Astra Lager from Hamburg, Bromelain or Modern. Nobody knows anything, nobody understands, but Obstkurve (Fruit Terrace). The editors office plays the long ball to none. A result of the hard Walk in Football academy or the Ruhrgebiet.Weiterlesen
Dortmund. (OK)  One of the most legendary bands ever is the SVW. In English: Swimming-Club Wetshofen, SV Waldhof-Mannheim or Saturday morning nightmare. Obstkurve-cartoonist Olli (R.i.p.) looks back into the thrilling story of this world famous band, that has left us the legendary Single „The Moon is rising“. Released in 1987 on the very well known  20.53 hr Records Label of their own. The material was found deep in the archives of the Fanzine „Günther and die Test Flight Ladies“, the former magazine of SVW. Olli was one of the editors.Weiterlesen
London. (OK) How the hell did the big Arc de Triomphe come from Paris to London? Very simple: Silently Dovehouse Green languished about in Chelsea. Because that is where it was all abut in 1984. Georg Orwell did not turn up. The Green did not know what do do, so it greened. Almost nobody used the comfortable benches. They were wooden. But soon they were going to be seated on. The fire brigade of the Chelsea Fire station played football. But also from another perspektive the park slumbered still howeverWeiterlesen
Dortmund. (OK) In Frankreich, einziges glorreiches Nachbarland, wo streikende Arbeiter schon mal den ganzen Maschinenpark in den Fluss werfen, oder die Arbeiter ganz einfach die Teebeutelfabrik übernehmen, herrscht leckeres Bier. Wie im Bild zu sehen, perlen Perlen des Bieres sogar auf Tresen hierzulande herum, eingebettet zwischen Kaugummiautomaten und Le Mandarinen, wobei der Aperitif cordial ist, hinzukommt. Auch wenn der Satz unvollständig bleibt, wie beim Tennis. Perlembourg ersetzt die Kur Perlembourg ist nicht das einzige Bier, das auch blonde Frauen trinken können. Andere haben es auch. Dazu der praktische Schraubverschluss undWeiterlesen
Munich/Nairobi. (OK) German Home Minister Horst Seehofer, based on the Zugspitzplateau,  destroys the Lindensteet. Together with ARD-TV, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Wladimir Putin, Rapchef Erdohahn, Kim Yong Ill and Andrea Nahles, Loudspeaker of the SPD, he wants to kick the daily soap out. After Dieselgate, extreme rack renting, wage shredding, destruction of the health system, economical crisis and poverty: Now the attack against freedom of speech. But not with us. After we had stopped the sale of a house in Berlin for two minutes, Obstkurve achieved the end of summertimeWeiterlesen
Dortmund. (OK) Katzenköter on your radio. „Der Mond ist aufgegangen“ – „The moon is rising“ on air for supper in Channel 1 (Einslive) or whatever it is called. Klaus Fiehe was the DJ. Five minutes after the release of the Katzenköter LP „Hackfleisch“ the internationale Dubartist Alien Levi had constructed a gigantic Dub-version of „Hackfleisch“. The Hackdub is standing at the bar like the original which is a hit itself. You can even listen to it here under strange circumstances: Or over here under even worse: Or evenWeiterlesen
The Ruhrgebiet. (OK) Since not such a long time ago the very well known British „National Express” cruises inside Germany, even especially in the Ruhrgebiet. At first sight the trains seem comfortable. They are not dark. They are equipped with big windows. The journey provides the railwas traveller with an excellent view. Countryside or big city. Whatever ist is. It can be seen. A nice trip from nowhere to boredom is guaranteed. After a while, 2 hours after the departure from Cologne, some pensioners need to go somewhere. No way.Weiterlesen
London. (OK) Now today: The Municipal Police fries. This time: Mushrooms with boots for six persons. The Fruit Terrace kitchen celebrates a huge debut and takes Kitchen English down to unknown heights. Usual coincidence cooks present fine meals with recipes, capital verdicts and neighbors who love each other. Totally different in the Fruit Terrace Kitchen. Here, not only the food cooking recipe is being versed, but also the true dressing up without messing up. A cook needs the right dress with protection facilities:  Very much gets hot in the kitchen,Weiterlesen