Ambi Ducks live peacefully on sea

Bad Wildungen. (OK) Since long has not there been any Fruit Terrace in English, but today. The editors office starts up again with lovely English versions of the best of articles in this magazine.

Also because of the female football soccer Championship for Western Europe that plays in London. But todays subject has got nothing to do with football whatsoever but court cases of Healing.

Processes of healing can be helped by several court cases.

Luck belongs to it, lovely food, or the right atmospere. But nothing is such as good for your health as the right Ambi Duck. Court Cases are processes that are bing steered by shipment.

Harmony and relationship lead to happyness and wealth. Singles for example relax at the next fountain that today are being discussed because of the change of climate, high energy and vaultage. Disadvantage in context with a fountain is. It needs a lot of water.

Even water is under fire nowadays. The ones use it for a bloody pool in their own garden, that makes a lot of noise with its lousy equipment, insects inside, sometimes even garlic or shrimps. Others use it for flowers or even drink.

Water is also most important for the right Ambi Duck (see pictures). Because without water swimming may be difficult. Even for birds that are male. Here a fountain is important.

 Together this couple of Ambi Ducks are lucky just because of being in the water. Extraordinary.

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