Rotten meat Reggae is summer hit 2017

Dortmund. (OK) Katzenköter on your radio. „Der Mond ist aufgegangen“ – „The moon is rising“ on air for supper in Channel 1 (Einslive) or whatever it is called. Klaus Fiehe was the DJ. Five minutes after the release of the Katzenköter LP „Hackfleisch“ the internationale Dubartist Alien Levi had constructed a gigantic Dub-version of „Hackfleisch“.

The Hackdub is standing at the bar like the original which is a hit itself.

You can even listen to it here under strange circumstances:

Or over here under even worse:

Or even better, just buy the LP, but the Reggae is missing. Be quick, before soundcloud is totally bankrupt.

As we have learned meanwhile, the minced meat lobby has delayed the distrubition of the record to the good shops. The bad shops even don’t have it. This real hot record so far is only available at Bahlo-Records in Bochum, Black Plastic, Rockaway Beat and Idiots Records in Dortmund, Green Hell in Münster and Rundgang of Malmö. Island-Child Labelchef Gerdi: „Others might join in soon, but I can’t get through.“ Lorries with rotten meat block his stock. According to unknown rumours the record could be available at certain mailorders. These are still being kept secret though.

Really up to date: Just now „Der Mond ist aufgegangen“ at Einslive of Klaus Fiehe:

Oi, please check out the playliste of 1live.

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