Warburg (OK) Well. There is no helicopter flying and no aeroplane starting. Six officers are stuck in Bulgaria since 2013. The old soldier food in the so called “Epa-Packets“ was rotten. It was abandoned last week. But help is on its way. The deutsche Bundeswehr now feeds its Stormtroopers in the Eastern Ukraine with the brandnew German wonder food: The Warburger. And its too hot really. This healthy food was developed by the Military History Division of the Bundeswehr. The burger is especially designed for the hungry soldier. With cuteWeiterlesen
Club of the Ruhr is going for a World Wide Draw Record Bochum. (FT) OK, he did not fully succeed. Some supporters think this is the truth behind his dismissal. Coach Peter Neururer was sacked, but nobody knows why. Officially, the Manager Christian Hochstaetter, a former Moenchengladbach player and friend of “smelly finger” Stefan Effenberg, says Neururer had been rude to president Bruce Villis. In fact, he had encouraged goal keeper Any Luthe who told his president to shut his mouth off or „take a shower with us“. Really, PeterWeiterlesen
The German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) has invented a very new model for not replacing ruined station clocks: They are actually turning them into illuminated caution signals. It goes like this: Dead station clocks are crossed out with black insulating tape. This way, customers should notice that the clocks are out of order. Another impact is indicated by the colored sign-post. Spokesman Knut Knopf says, that in some if not in many cases, customers raised their heads wanting to find out what time it was looking at the station clocks, but,Weiterlesen
Finally there is no more boring ergo therapy. No more rehab. The Center for Obligatory Philosophy now offers new courses in Empty Crate Therapy. Nationwide. The main aspect of this successful method is the understanding through the limitation of choice. There simply is no beer available. Then it is much easier to do without the daily beer. Patients on the sofa of Psychologist Dr. Claudia Scholz now may enjoy a very modern therapy. The medical woman supplies the ordinary Empty Crate Therapy by the inclusion of mineral water bottles. “ThisWeiterlesen