Mushrooms with boots

London. (OK) Now today: The Municipal Police fries. This time: Mushrooms with boots for six persons. The Fruit Terrace kitchen celebrates a huge debut and takes Kitchen English down to unknown heights.
Usual coincidence cooks present fine meals with recipes, capital verdicts and neighbors who love each other.
Totally different in the Fruit Terrace Kitchen. Here, not only the food cooking recipe is being versed, but also the true dressing up without messing up. A cook needs the right dress with protection facilities:  Very much gets hot in the kitchen, but your own feet prefer protection. Today: Mushrooms with boots. (repeat)

Foot protection

Before entering the holy kitchen, first of all a proper dress has to be chosen. The 2nd step: Put it on and wear it. But what? Frying mushrooms is impossible without boots. They protect sensitive feet against hot frying fat that can smash your socks and burn them if sandaly slippers are worn. Slippers  may cause serious harm or even injuries up to severe burns.
To be surely safe against hot burns, the Fruit Terrace Kitchen recommends Dr. Martens Air Wair with bouncing soles, tested within and without the British working factory.
The Bouncing Sole is comfortable and makes you feel safe at work, because it is a work wear boot. Even if the kitchen floor is contaminated with Arsenic and E 605, these shoes can manage.
The fine leather does not let hot frying fat pass through. Hot frying fat is floating all over around the kitchen while cooking. It threatens thin sensitive skin. As being said before.
Feet do not only deserve frying fat protection, but they have to be well protected. One example: The cook needs them when he goes out for a walk, jumps up an down on the terraces or under the shower. Creativity has no overborders set. The boots are a must, but the independent cook is free to chose the rest of his work dress. He needs solid quality underwear too. Socks are not a must, but feet feel much better inside boots with socks on. In this context, travelling socks have their advantages.


At mushrooms, nothing cooks without boots.

After entering the kitchen with them boots on, the work field has to be explored and well protected too. Before turning on the cooker plates – actually the lovely cook only needs one – the floor has to be covered with fresh newspapers. This way, professional cooks avoid enormous efforts for cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. Remember: Hot frying fat is the friend or the enemy of the cook or the person that has to do the cleaning. This person might be living in the house.
As soon as the cooker plate is hot, the rest of the cooker fields around the hot plate should also be covered with newspapers to keep the work field and the working plate tidy.
Within the early preparations, six mushrooms have been cleaned and fillet into small slices. Before frying them, some fat has to be thrown into the frying pan. Butter could be used, but please pay attention! Do not let the hot fat burn to hot, otherwise the butter might turn rancid after 30 minutes. Well shredded onions have to be thrown into the hot fat, at least two of them. Stew glassy and the let the mushrooms join in. Fry both ingredients smoothly. Open the window.

If the meal is ready, it is ready

At work, the cook is standing loosely in this boots on the newspapers on the ground, jumps and stirs the vegetables strongly with a wooden spoon in the frying pan, before onions and mushrooms start burning.
As soon as the mushrooms are ready, they are ready. This dinner is being served in a hot dish. A microwave may be used. If available, herbs and cream can be added. Salt and pepper can be put on. This dinner lunch is being served with old beer, red wine or mineral water. Just let it calm down two minutes before eating. The boots can be worn while eating. Have a good meal! After the meal, the boots should be well cleaned for the next menu.

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