German toilets on British trains out of order

The Ruhrgebiet. (OK) Since not such a long time ago the very well known British „National Express” cruises inside Germany, even especially in the Ruhrgebiet. At first sight the trains seem comfortable. They are not dark. They are equipped with big windows. The journey provides the railwas traveller with an excellent view. Countryside or big city. Whatever ist is. It can be seen. A nice trip from nowhere to boredom is guaranteed.

After a while, 2 hours after the departure from Cologne, some pensioners need to go somewhere. No way. „Caution: WC out or order“, says the panic button at the door of the loo. The door is locked. The pensioners wanna know what’s going on. They check the 2nd toilet. Same sign, door is locked. Unfortunately in this part of the train both toilets are out of order. The pensioners are desperate. They need help and turn to the conductor: “Please, Sir, help! What can we do?” He answers: „Please try the other part of the train. Maybe one there is working. I hope you can manage.”

The aged, some of them over 90 years old, only would have to jump off that part of the train at the next train station stop very quickly, run the mile in 10 seconds carrying heavy suitcases. It turns out that in this part of the train both toilets are out of order since a couple of days. National Express demonstrates the advantages of privatization of railway lines very clearly.

If there is a conductor on the train, as it happens, he is hired from a private security service. Trying to check tickets, he puts them on the floor because the piece of paper seems very heavy.


Very German.


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