Germany can only protect one sausage

Nürnberg. (FT) News from Sausage Protection: Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt now explained the execution of the German-American agreement „TTIP“ (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnercrisp): „We can no longer protect every single sausage.“ As Fruit Terrace was told exclusively, the German Government can only protect the one sausage:

Wurst (1)

Special task forces protect this sausage.

According to Minister Christian Schmidt the problems with sausage protection have to do with the bureaucratic European rules. To be able to shield the unique „Thüringer Rostbratwurst“ inside Germany, he borrowed troops from Ursula von der Leyen. Defense Ministry this way tries to handle her problems with chronical lack nutrition of soldiers. Just recently the German Military had invented the „War-Börger“ that can be eaten by soldiers in action in foreign countries. (Obstkurve reported exclusively) Now, the „War-Wurst“ comes. The one and only problem: German speaking foreign soldiers gotta learn, that this is not a sausage with best-by date run off (was sausage), but a sausage to eat during a war. So it says in internal circles.
The backround of the initiative: Only this way the free trade agreement TTIP with the USA can be rendered, says the Minister.  „If we want to have a free trade with he huge Amercan sausage market, we cannot protect each sausage against run down cheese.“

Sausage on a ship

The EU even protects sausages with ingredients not being produced in their own regions, says the Minister. And that’s why practically all sausages are being exported to the USA by boat. Only one remains at home.
There are a few exceptions: Chlorine Disinfected Chickens. Chlorine meat is being fed to European patients recently, to reduce the spreading of multiresistant germs. The European Large-scale animal husbandry still is not able to do so.
Pretty soon gene-manipulated food and and Mormon meat come from the USA. With the Mormon meat, that is being produced by  Mormon farmers, arbitration meals are going to be cooked. (recipes  coming soon in the section „Die Kommunalpolizei brät“ – The Municipal Police fries). The arbitration meals shall mainly protect investors.

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