Bahamas Paradise


Offshore Banking Business (The Members 1979)

Bermuda in the Bahamas, Front Street Hamilton
They’re doing more than growing bananas, they’ve got a tax dodge going on
Offshore Banking Business, International Crime!
Offshore Banking Business, Happening all the time!
Banks and corporations are registered and operating there,
They don’t employ any local staff and I don’t know if you are aware
One American sitting at a desk with a plaque outside on the wall,
Ha! You know that’s what they call
Offshore Banking Business, Some kind of financial thing yeah,
Offshore Banking Business, That guy with the money’s gonna swing out there from the trees,
You got the pennies in the pound, heads going round with the hot-shot figures that you make-a compound
I say as I would say ‚who wants to know?‘, I would say ‚I wanna know‘,
Who’s got my money who’s got my pence? Why’s everybody trying to steal my pence?
Guy in the city, guy in the news, everybody givin‘ me the financial blues,

I accuse…

Who’s behind this operation? I’ll tell you what I know (and I know more than the rest)
Newspaper barons and oil tycoons watching their money grow
It’s not an idle rumour, nor scandal talk
All of the profits are washed through USA, *_ PANAMA _*, New York,

Offshore Banking Business, You better watch your chin, Jim,
Offshore Banking Business, IMF never gonna let you in with it
Offshore Banking Business, You think it’s just money that counts,
Offshore Banking Business, Well we’re sure gonna come mess up your bank accounts

The following is a lesson in home economics by The Members
So crank up those record players and play it loud
You’ve got the Pennies and the Pound, got the Dollars and the Yen
You got the Marks and the Rouble, give you nothing but trouble
International crime is happening…







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